Pets of any kind were not allowed in our home until Lancaster came. I remember my dad getting all upset whenever the idea of owning a pet was brought up when we were kids.

I vividly remember my cousin Cherry bringing to us a puppy for us to own when I was in grade school. It was so playful.. Unfortunately, my dad wanted the poor puppy out within the day.  And so, it had to go.

There was also an instance when a storm was brewing outside and I saw a rain-soaked baby kitten outside of our house. I took it in and wrapped it in a soft blanket. I gave it milk and let it sleep by the laundry area away from the eyes of my dad. Soon, though, he noticed it and stared at it for so long while I was attending to the kitten. After an epic silence, he said, "Okay, let it stay over for the night. By morning, it needs to go."

I had to wait two decades more before I could introduce a pet at home. By this time, the family has become open to any possibilities in life, even open to owning a pet such as Lancaster. I named him after a hotel that I was supposed to stay in for a week when my cousin Cherry's Aussie step mom Donna visited our home to stay for seven days. The original owner called him Sam, but I wanted Lancaster because it's more elegant-sounding and longer than the usual pet names.

10/5/2009 12:19:21 am

Lancaster is so adorable!!!! What a cutie :) Turbo says hello!


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